Resting and Recovery in Junior Volleyball

Resting and Recovery in Junior Volleyball

Volleyball is a physically demanding sport. The body was built to withstand intense periods of training and pressure. When a tournament goes on for multiple days, a player is able to perform to the best of their ability and achieve amazing results. After these tournaments are over, however, the high amount of performance can cause injuries to the body if not rested correctly. Resting and recovery in junior volleyball are just as important as playing on the court. Without proper rest, the body can experience injuries and mental drainage. Relentless Volleyball Club wants to make sure everyone can play to the best of their ability without injuring themselves in the process. This is why we wanted to give helpful tips for resting and recovery in junior volleyball.


Properly Resting and Recovering

The number one thing that should be on every athlete’s mind is sleep. Sleep is essential for the human body to perform at its best. This goes for the sport of volleyball as well. After a long tournament, the quality and quantity of sleep an athlete gets are reduced for two days. This means that parents should make sure their kids get more sleep than usual to ensure they get the proper amount they need. 


Coaching Matters

The coaches should be aware of this as well and shouldn’t try to schedule and rigorous training directly after a match or tournament. The training load should be planned out accordingly to make sure all the athletes are in top shape so no injuries occur. This means practice intensity, competition, and duration should all be thought of when planning the next training session.


Care For The Mind

While the body is usually the main focus for recovery, the well-being of the mind should not be forgotten. Not getting enough sleep or forcing multiple hard pieces of training can lead to mental burnout, resulting in worse performance or even athletes not wanting to play at all. Mental burnout can also lead to:

  • Poor decision-making
  • Anxiety
  • Lower accuracy
  • Worse reaction time
  • Poor emotions
  • Poor motivation


Rest Plans

It’s important to think about what you want to do on your rest days. It’s an important part of resting and recovery in junior volleyball as athletes will often try to use these days to train more. You should allow your body and mind time to take it easy and recover so you dont burn yourself out. The human body can only withstand so much before it gives up, so make sure you’re using these days properly. 


Looking to Play?

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