Volleyball Off-Season Training: Prepare for the Season

Volleyball Off-Season Training: Prepare for the Season

Volleyball off-season training is something that every volleyball player should do in order to stay at the top of their game for when the new season arrives. When a season ends and the off-season begins, it’s a time called the “transition period”. This is when athletes transition from one season to the next and during this time, athletes can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months before they begin preparing for the next season. This doesn’t mean that athletes will sit around and do nothing. While most athletes will use this time to rest and recover, they usually won’t sit around for that long before they start exercising again.

While it is off-season, volleyball off-season training should still be taken seriously, which is why the Relentless Volleyball Club wants to give athletes a guide on what they should focus on during this time.


Volleyball Off-Season Training: Spend Time With Other Hobbies

While practicing volleyball techniques would seem like the right thing to do, it’s smart to take some time away from volleyball and invest time into other sports or activities you can’t do as often when the season is going on. This can include other ball-related sports, hiking, running, bicycling, or any other active activity. 

Other ball-related sports are highly recommended since they continue to build on skills needed for volleyball. They can increase hand-eye coordination and footwork similar to what is seen in volleyball. The main idea of volleyball off-season training is to let your mind and body refresh and relax for the next season.


Volleyball Off-Season Training: Working on Endurance

During the regular season, you may have trouble finding time to do endurance training. The off-season provides a great time to pay attention to endurance.

Endurance can be built in a number of ways. It can be built from rowing, long-distance running, swimming, and any other activity that requires physical exertion. Remember that as the season gets closer, it’s best to reduce the amount of endurance training you do. This helps keep your energy and stamina high for the season.


Best Endurance Training 

For the best volleyball off-season training, it’s best to do certain exercises the closer it gets to the normal season. This is because typical cardio training doesn’t train with the same energy systems and heart rates needed in volleyball. In volleyball, your heart rate isn’t up constantly. It spikes in 5-10 second bursts and then lowers due to breaks, timeouts, and breaks in-between games. 

We recommend doing the following exercises for volleyball off-season training. Plyometrics, suicides, footwork, or circuit-type training will give the best results for the volleyball season. These exercises work the best because they mimic what your body will feel while playing. 5-10 seconds of exercise, a small break, 5-10 seconds of exercise, and so on. 


Time to Play Volleyball

Once you’re done with volleyball off-season training, you’ll be looking for a team to play with. Relentless Volleyball Club is an elite volleyball club that offers teams for every age bracket. Our amazing coaches and mindset will provide you with a volleyball experience like no other. If you’re looking to join or you have any questions, visit our contact page or call us at 303-718-6240 or 720-412-0121.

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