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The Relentless Volleyball Club App provides parents all of the tools they need to participate in the team. All the team activities are right inside our new app:

  • View your upcoming schedule, locations and times
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  • Send messages to your team
  • RSVP to upcoming events and track attendance
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Our Grind TV App gives you the opportunity to watch your kids practice, play, and train to take their game to the next level.

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Our Commitment

RVC believes in partnering with parents to achieve your player’s maximum potential and as with any partnership there needs to be a commitment from both parties.

All of our coaches decisions will be made in the best interest of the team, not the individual. RVC will use all of our resources to give your daughter the opportunity to develop into an outstanding volleyball player, student, member of the community and empowered young woman.

Player’s Challenges

There will be times in your daughter’s volleyball career where she will become frustrated, anxious or even angry for a number of reasons, including but not limited to: Expectations placed on her more than she anticipated, she may be asked to play a role on the team that is not the one she hoped or dreamed of. She may not enjoy competing everyday against other athletes as skilled or talented as she is or against those that might even be more skilled and talented.

She may not yet have developed the appreciation for delayed gratification. She may interpret correction and information as judgement. She may long for something else that appears easier or more comfortable. She may be overwhelmed by any combination of all these factors.

If she does experience these thoughts and emotions, she is having a normal competitive athletic experience that is typical for someone who is moving through adolescence to adulthood. When this happens, there may come a moment when she wants to give up and quit.

parent’s Commitment

When your daughter calls you will listen, you will communicate your love and support for her, then you will tell her to get back to the tough business of growing up and becoming accountable for the challenges that she is fortunate enough to have set before her. RVC encourages you to fasten your seatbelt and welcome the challenge this season will bring and one that your daughter will benefit greatly from.


RVC is a 501c3 organization, you can support RVC through Donations, King Soopers Loyalty Program and Amazon Smile. Your support and donations towards purchasing and maintaing equipment ie. balls, training aids, etc. while also making improvements at RVC’s Facility.

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When arriving at our facility, please note traffic is ONE WAY. This allows more parking and avoids traffic jams.

Enter on the West side only and exit on the East side only.

  • Parking is allowed along the curb on South side on the facility
  • Parking is allowed around the entire facility
  • Parking is allowed along the street on the North side of the facility
  • Overflow parking can be found at the Parker Field House & strip mall located directy across the street from the Parker Field House (10 min. walk)


Unauthorized vehicles parked at the following places will be towed at the owner’s expense:

  • Do not park at the Driving School/Scales Gymnastics
  • Do not park at the Mark Six Building


Below is a list of what is allowed, provided and rules for spectators.

Provided & Allowed

  • Warm-up balls
  • Food/Team tables
  • Some spectator seating – Bring your own chair
  • Outside food & drinks allowed but ONLY in designated areas

Not Allowed

  • Additional tables
  • Electrical appliances
  • Crockpots or insta-pots
  • Unruly parents & siblings

Guest Wi-fi

For your convenience, we offer free Wi-Fi

Network: RVC Guest

Password: relentless

Contact US

Feel free to contact us with any questions at any time. We will get back to you as soon as we can!

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