Volleyball Drills To Improve Outside Hitter Skills

Volleyball Drills To Improve Outside Hitter Skills

Every position on the volleyball court plays an important role in a team’s success. The outside hitter is no different and that’s the position we will be focusing on today. Relentless Volleyball Club put together some amazing drills that will grow your skill in the outside hitter position.

Area of Focus: Passing

The outside hitter finds themselves in the middle back position on one side of the net with a setter in front of them. Someone will be positioned on the opposite side of the net in line with the hitter or setter. That is the person who will initiate the drill by tossing a ball to the outside hitter. The outside hitter will pass the ball to the setter who will then bounce the ball back under the net to the coach. The coach should pass the second ball to the outside hitter once the seter receives the first ball. The drill is meant to train the outside hitter to quickly respond to passes.

Area of Focus: Hitting

For this drill, the outside hitter will take their position in the front row with two blockers facing them on the opposite side. A setter will stand next to the hitter and their goal is to get the ball past the defenders. The hitter succeeds when they tool the block or land the ball in bounds.

Area of Focus: Reading the Defense

This drill is meant to train how to better read defenses and adjust accordingly. This drill starts with the outside hitter on one side of the net with one blocker on the opposite side. Toss the ball to the outside hitter and the defender must come towards the net to defend or back away. They must determine the best action in response to what the defender does. 

Area of Focus: Transitioning

This drill helps the outside hitter transition from offense to defense better. The hitter will start at the net and must transition to defense as a coach or partner hits the ball over. The setter will set while the hitter goes to spike the ball. The partner on the other side will toss a ball back over to simulate a blocked spike where they must transition quickly back to defense to pass the ball back to the setter.

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