How Volleyball Keeps You Healthy

How Volleyball Keeps You Healthy

No matter if you play volleyball outdoors, indoors, or at the beach, volleyball is one of the best ways to keep your body and mind healthy. There are a number of different health benefits that come with playing this sport. It’s a sport that utilizes almost every part of the body, resulting in a full-body workout each and every time you take the court. As an elite volleyball club, Relentless Volleyball Club knows how amazing of a sport volleyball is which is why we want to show you how you can stay healthy while playing and having fun.


Burn Calories and Fat

One of the best ways volleyball keeps you healthy is that it helps burn calories which is an important part of losing or maintaining weight. According to the Harvard Medical School, a casual game of volleyball can burn up to 133 calories. In a competitive match, players can burn up to 178 calories. If you play an hour-long match of beach volleyball, you can lose up to 480 calories!


Shape The Body

You make a number of different movements while playing volleyball that all help strengthen and tone your body in different ways. The different physical activities will help strengthen you’re upper body, arms, and shoulders. Almost all of your lower body muscles will be strengthened since you’ll be jumping and running throughout the game. Your cardiovascular and respiratory systems will also be strengthened. 


Improved Metabolic Rate

As you play volleyball, your energy level improves along with your overall performance in general sports and workouts. 


Increased Hand-Eye Coordination

The entire sport of volleyball revolves around hand-eye coordination. When you serve, you have to follow the ball with both your hands and your eyes in order to strike the ball in the perfect spot. When you play defense, you have to stay alert in order to make a play on the ball. Setting requires you to use hand-eye coordination to see where your hitter is. 


Build Agility, Speed, and Balance

Volleyball is a fast sport that changes pace rapidly. This places a large demand on a player’s technical and physical skills. While playing, you’ll have to deal with serving, passing, setting, attacking, blocking, and defending. All of these skills require flexibility, good balance, upper and lower body strength, and speed in order to play effectively. Using all of these skills will only strengthen them and make you a better player overall. 


Build Muscle

Nearly every play you make in volleyball will require a strong chest and core muscles. When you make a pass, you mimic the action of a squat and use your legs to generate power. Setting the ball requires you to use your arms, legs, and hands. The more you play and do these different moves, the stronger your muscles will become. 


Looking for an Elite Volleyball Club?

If you want to become the best possible volleyball player you can be, Relentless Volleyball Club wants to welcome you to our elite club. We are dedicated to teaching and training young athletes in order to make them the best players possible. We offer a number of different teams and training programs to help you in each and every area. Visit our contact page today if you have any questions or you’re interested in our different programs. 

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