Can Yoga Help Prevent Volleyball Injuries?

Can Yoga Help Prevent Volleyball Injuries?

Can Yoga Help Prevent Volleyball Injuries?

Staying healthy is one of the highest priorities for volleyball athletes everywhere. There are a number of different prevention strategies that can be implemented in order to ensure this. Injuries are often caused by poor biomechanics, neuromuscular deficiencies, overtraining, and bad flexibility. Relentless Volleyball Club is here to help make sure the chances of these injuries occurring stay at a minimum. 

Your body can actually benefit greatly from doing yoga. Yoga helps your body in a number of different ways that will greatly prevent possible injuries from playing volleyball. Relentless Volleyball Club commonly uses yoga to help our athletes stretch their bodies and increase the flexibility they possess. Find out below how yoga can help prevent common volleyball injuries. 


ACL Injuries

Compared to male volleyball athletes, female volleyball athletes are much more susceptible to an ACL injury. The reasons for this include:

  • A structurally weaker ligament is more prone to injury
  • Wider hips and a narrowing at the knee and ankle lead to the development of less knee protection
  • Greater extended posture leads to greater force on knee angles 

Teaching proper landing mechanics can help reduce the stress on the ACL as well as improve muscular strength and coordination among the muscles crossing the knee joint may prove valuable in reducing the risk of ACL injuries. 

Yoga can help strengthen those muscles and help prevent ACL injuries. Proprioception is a form of sports yoga that helps balance training and flexibility training. Plyometrics is also good for agility training and technique-movement awareness training. 


Lower Back Injuries

Utilizing yoga can help treat and prevent non-specific low back pain. Using yoga-based exercise and stretches that target the lumbar spine, lower limbs, glutes, and abdominal muscles are a great way to decrease pain and improve function.

A proper low back injury prevention program should include:

  • Improving flexibility of overactive muscles 
  • Strengthening inhibited muscles
  • Improving overall neuromuscular control.


Preventing Shoulder Injury

If you’re a volleyball player, you’ve probably seen or experienced a should injury before. Yoga can help prevent these types of injuries with the correct program. The program should include: 

  • Soft tissue mobilization techniques can increase the extensibility of the overactive muscles
  • Static or neuromuscular stretching exercises for 30-45 seconds on overactive muscles

These techniques will typically be found in any yoga class designed for athletes. 


Let RVC Help With Your Volleyball Training

Yoga can help decrease the likelihood of sustaining a common volleyball injury. If you need assistance getting your body ready for the volleyball season, Relentless Volleyball Club is here to help. Our training programs are what you need to elevate your game to the next level. Visit our contact page if you have any questions about our different volleyball programs

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