Volleyball Recruitment: Where to Start?

Volleyball Recruitment: Where to Start?

There’s no question that volleyball is an exciting sport that has been on a steady rise in popularity in recent years. With its fast-paced, high-energy play, it’s easy to see why so many young athletes are drawn to it. For many volleyball players, the dream is to continue their volleyball careers into college, playing with D1 teams and other competitive volleyball clubs. As an elite volleyball club, Relentless Volleyball Club understands this and wants to help all aspiring volleyball athletes achieve their dreams. 


If you’re a volleyball player looking to get recruited, you’ll need to take a few steps to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Here are some tips on getting recruited for volleyball:


1. Develop Your Skills

The first and most important step in getting recruited is to ensure that you have the necessary skills to make it as a highly competitive volleyball player. You should focus on honing your skills, such as setting, spiking, passing, and practicing drills regularly to improve your form. You should also focus on improving your strength, agility, and stamina through weight training, conditioning, and other exercises. 


2. Reach Out to Coaches and Staff

Another important step to getting recruited for volleyball is to reach out to different coaches and scouts that you’re interested in. Make sure to introduce yourself and let them know about your experiences and goals with volleyball. You should also try to attend college showcases and tournaments to give them a chance to see you play in person. 


3. Make a Recruiting Profile

Creating a recruiting profile is a great and effective way to get your name out there and make sure coaches and scouts can find you. Your profile should include your personal information, such as your age, height, and preferred position, as well as your athletic stats and accomplishments. You should also include videos of you playing so coaches and scouts can get an idea of your skills and knowledge of the game. 


4. Network With Other Players

Another great way to get noticed by coaches and scouts is by networking with other volleyball players in your area. Attend volleyball camps, join teams, and participate in online forums and social media groups to get your name out there. If you’re currently looking for a volleyball team to join, Relentless Volleyball Club is always looking for new volleyball players to come and join. We can help you connect with other elite volleyball players and coaches in the area. 


5. Follow Up

Once you’ve reached out to coaches and scouts, make sure to follow up with them. Contact them with any questions you may have and keep them updated on your volleyball progress. These coaches and scouts most likely have a lot of players trying to reach out, so make sure to keep your name at the top of the list. 


By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to getting recruited for volleyball. Make sure to put in the work and stay persistent and you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for you. 


If you’re looking for an elite volleyball club, RVC is here for you. We have helped hundreds of young volleyball players reach their true potential and move up the volleyball ladder. Visit our contact page if you have any questions or concerns. 

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