Tips for Staying Motivated at Volleyball Practice

Tips for Staying Motivated at Volleyball Practice

Tips for Staying Motivated at Volleyball Practice

Volleyball is a sport that requires someone to stay conditioned and train their skills constantly. Having to run drills and exercises can make volleyball players slowly become fatigued. This can put a halt on a player’s motivation and their performance and morale will begin to diminish. Being an athlete is no easy task. You end up dedicating a large portion of your time to training and improving your volleyball skills. Having to show up to a 5 am weightlifting training session probably isn’t at the top of your list of things to do. 

If you’ve slowly begun to wonder “Why am I here?”, these tips for staying motivated at volleyball practice will help you stay in the right state of mind and become a better player.


Remind Yourself of Your Volleyball Practice Goals

Setting goals is an easy thing to do. We go to sleep and wake up every day with different goals and ideas in mind. Actually executing and following through on these goals is where the real challenge makes itself present. As an athlete, you most likely have more than a few goals in mind. 

During volleyball practice, make sure to remind yourself of that goal. Remember why you signed up for volleyball in the first place. Try coming up with a word or phrase that you can repeat in your head to keep your motivation high.


Short-Term Pain = Long-Term Success

Nothing in life will come easy. The same goes for volleyball practice. Having to constantly practice will bring pain, but that pain is what makes you successful in the long run. Endure the pain and you’ll come out a stronger player and person.


Mistakes are a Good Thing

No one likes messing up or being told to improve by a coach. We all want to be the best but in order to be the best, we need to make mistakes and learn from them. If you mess up a drill or a coach tells you to do something different, don’t take it personally. Take that advice or mistake as a gift that you can learn from and become better from. 


Every Practice Has Purpose

While it may not seem like it is at 5 in the morning, every practice is done for a reason. You’re there to become stronger, more agile, and better at the sport of volleyball. Make sure to remember that you’re at volleyball practice for a reason. You’re never there for a pointless meet-up to chat with friends. 


Make Volleyball Practice Fun

Practice is only as fun as you make it. Volleyball practice doesn’t have to be a gritty boot camp. Take chances to make it fun. Introduce new elements to practice that the team would enjoy as well. Making volleyball practice more fun will make it more enjoyable to go to.

Anyone can be a good volleyball player. It’s those who show up to practice with the right mindset that ends up becoming great players. Remember, volleyball practice is based on hard work, mental toughness, and faith in yourself and your team. 


Play Volleyball with the Best

Relentless Volleyball Club is the elite volleyball club for those looking to play in Colorado. We want to see everyone that plays with us leave as a better volleyball player and person. Our coaching staff is here to help make that happen. If you’re interested in becoming the best volleyball player you can be, visit our contact page for more information. 

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