The Importance of Volleyball Coach Feedback

The Importance of Volleyball Coach Feedback

The Importance of Volleyball Coach Feedback

After a volleyball tryout or practice, a coach is most likely going to provide feedback to players based on their performance, why they did or didn’t make the team, and other items that they could improve on. Athletes can use this feedback to work harder to determine what skills they need to improve on. 

While feedback is necessary during tryouts or practice, it’s important that coaches provide feedback to players all year long. Conducting mid-season evaluations is a good way for players to know where they stand and what skills they need to further improve on or skills that they need to focus less on. 

In the sports of volleyball, coach feedback is very important. This feedback helps motivate players, enhance their skill development, and speed up their improvement.

Provide Useful Motivation

Giving coach feedback to players throughout the season motivates athletes to work harder and improve their game. Throughout the season, volleyball players can begin to slow down and lose the steam they had at the beginning of the season. Conduction a mid-season evaluation can help re-align their goals and remind them of why they love the sport. Evaluations also help coaches see who they need to encourage more and help them finish the season strong.

Feedback on Skill Development

Mid-season evaluations are a great way to give players feedback on what they need to improve. This includes on-the-court skills, strategic and leadership skills, and overall health.

  • Required Skills: Volleyball clubs can help their players improve on the skills they need by giving them helpful feedback. Throughout the season, volleyball coaches should evaluate skills such as accuracy, hitting, setting, and passing. Player evaluations can help players improve in each of these areas.
  • Strategy and Leadership: While volleyball players need to improve their physical skills, they also need to improve their mental skills. Learning these skills can help players recognize openings in an opponent’s game and execute a perfect game plan. This is often overlooked as most players will look to only improve the skills that people can see.
  • Fitness: Players need to obviously stay in shape in order to perform at their best. Clubs should take their time to evaluate each player’s health and nutrition. Setting certain fitness goals for players can help them in big ways on the court. 

Speed Up Improvement

Giving evaluations during the season can help players see how they have improved or declined since the start of the season. For some players, this can be an eye-opening evaluation. Instead of waiting for the start of next season, let your players know during the season so they can start to improve while the season is still going on. Athletes are more than capable of making changes mid-season. 

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