Best Snacks For A Volleyball Tournament

Best Snacks For A Volleyball Tournament

Every athlete knows the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating a well-rounded diet. Consuming protein, carbs, and fats is an essential part of every athlete’s training and recovery. Feeling sluggish during your training or games may be a sign that you are not properly fueling your body. Maintaining energy levels throughout your next game will make a world of difference in how you play. Eating well during off season counts, but fueling up during a heated game can improve performance.

Next time that you are on snack duty, be sure to include protein, carbs, and fat filled options. There is no need to over-do it, but be sure to have a good variety since each player’s needs are different.  

Interested in how your next volleyball tournament can be won with proper nutrition? Take these factors into consideration.

Different Types Of Snacks & Their Benefits

Protein is first and foremost the most essential nutrient for our ability to function and maintain muscle mass. It goes hand-in-hand with carbs to create the perfect mid-game snack. Sports bars that combine carbs and proteins are an easy way to keep up your energy and stamina during the tournament and keep muscle fatigue at bay. 

Sugar and fiber that come from natural fruits can help beat over-exertion. This is a wonderful snack option since certain fruits are known to contain water which helps keep players hydrated. Oranges are known to contain electrolytes, so those are always a tasty idea and the natural occurring sugars in fruit provide energy. Processed foods also contain sugars, but those are much less beneficial and can cause a heavy crash later on. 

Fats, such as nuts, seeds, and dried fruits are essential for optimal brain function. If a player is feeling sluggish, try giving them a handful of trail mix and see their focus improve. It will help players keep their heads in the game and feel ready to spike the ball to your next victory.  

One of the least considered but equally important considerations is taste. As incredible as a snack is, no one will eat it if it does not taste good or look appetizing. Enjoyment is unsurprisingly a factor to take into consideration. Players will not want to eat a mushy apple during their break. If you wouldn’t want to eat it, odds are that others feel the same way. Make sure that it is nutritious, fresh, and delicious before bringing it court-side. 

Here is a list of volleyball game snack ideas that will make the players cheer at the next tournament:

  • Nut based bars with nuts or seeds
  • Trail mixes 
  • Fresh fruit or vegetables
  • Sandwiches or rolls with honey/jam/banana/peanut butter
  • Energy drinks
  • Sports drinks
  • Waters
  • Rice crackers
  • Homemade or store bought baked goods e.g. banana bread, protein muffins, etc.

Keep in mind that eating immediately after a game is just as important, too. When we exercise, we are actively tearing our muscles down. In order to prevent soreness and help them heal, we need to give them what they need to support their growth. So don’t forget to bring a smoothie, shake, sandwich, or other high-protein snack to have immediately after the game to hold you off before your next meal.

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