What Are The Benefits Of Yoga With Volleyball?

What Are The Benefits Of Yoga With Volleyball?

During the preseason of volleyball, players will often want to make sure their bodies stay loose and ready for the season. One method of doing this is pairing yoga with volleyball. Yoga is the process of breathing with movement. Practicing this method with your volleyball practices can make you a better player than ever before. Yoga also helps the body become more flexible and agile. This benefits volleyball players massively as they’ll be able to move and breathe better than ever before.

Below, you’ll find two of the biggest benefits when pairing yoga with volleyball.



Oxygen Efficiency 

One of the biggest benefits of yoga is linking your breathing patterns to each movement you take. For example, when we inhale we move into a certain position, and when we exhale we move from that position. The exhale happens when movement is occurring. In volleyball, this would be such movements as jumping to serve the ball or setting the ball.


Power of the Exhale

A purposeful exhale can create much safer and powerful movements. It can also focus the mind and put more meaning and energy into the move you are making. The more you practice this on the yoga mat, the better it is executed on the court. You want your breathing to be as focused as possible and yoga with volleyball helps perfect that. The better you become at controlling your breathing, the better your oxygen efficiency will be. 


Efficiency Means Less Fatigue

There is a science to it. The greater your oxygen efficiency is, the less you will be winded on the court. This means you’ll be able to move around more and have more energy than your opponent. You’ll be able to play longer without fatigue setting in.




The other great benefit of yoga with volleyball is increased flexibility. You want your body to be prepared for when you have to play. Volleyball requires your body to remain strong and flexible, and yoga is the perfect way to make sure that happens.


Yoga With Volleyball Makes You Stronger

Yoga will help you stay flexible, increasing your range of motion and maintaining the strength you gained in the gym. The best practices you can perform are based on ashtanga vinyasa. These types of exercise include sun salutations, standing, balancing postures, and multiplanar transitions. Other exercises you could practice include dynamic stretches and isolated postures that mimic the moves and postures you do on the court. 


Range of Motion

Volleyball requires your body to bend and move in ways that aren’t normal. Yoga can make your body’s range of motions even greater, resulting in better performance on the court. By engaging in dynamic yoga stretches, you are improving your soft-tissue extensibility. Increasing this means your muscles can produce more force and take your body’s momentum through a certain joint, resulting in more range of motion. 



Looking to Play?

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